Monday, August 23, 2010

Star Trek FTW!

You guys are my kind of people. I was secretly hoping for Star Trek, but of course I couldn't say that! I'm so pleased that our next YA Cinema date will feature so much awesomeness!

Now, it's time to figure out WHEN we'll be watching this movie. I'm afraid my husband has requested that I start them after the kids are in bed, so I can't go earlier than 8 PM MST (or 10 PM EST). So sorry if that's too late for some, but I think overall that's a decent time for most of the US viewers to make. Stupid time zones.

So I'm thinking right before Labor Day on this one—somewhere between September 1-3rd. Please vote for what day you prefer on the sidebar poll, and we'll get together on Twitter then. You'll have until Friday to vote, that way everyone has time to get hold of the movie if they don't have it (seriously, just go buy it you don't have it, sheesh).


  1. OH! I just saw those sidebar polls!! Am I slow, or are those new? Anyway, honestly any of those days is fine, but I'd probably prefer Wed or Thurs (so I will go vote for one.)

  2. Unfortunately I will usually only be able to watch simultaneously if the movie falls on your Sunday night (and even then, I have to get lucky). But that's okay. I'll watch vicariously through you guys.

  3. YAY Star Trek!! Chris Pine, we will have such a great night together...I mean, this will be so much fun to watch with y'all. I will now go vote for my night.